Saturday, February 5, 2011

Én vagyok itt!

I'm Here!

I know I promised to blog during my 30 hour travel time, but I somehow managed to forget that once out of the US I would need a electrical outlet converter. I have one, but it was packed in my carry on. I was pretty much in a daze the whole trip I doubt a blog post would have made any sense.

Regardless, now I am here in Hungary. I feel a little like I am at church camp, I am sure that once I start classes that mindset will change.

Well, I am officially living in a castle, down in the servants quarters. Yesterday I took the "Castle Tour" and was redecorating the whole entire time. I would love to live in a real castle (well, I am...but as my house). My imagination was definitely in full mode as I walked through the refurbished hallways. (Mackenzie, out of all my friends, you would love it the most.) I haven't taken any pictures yet, I have been in a little bit of a jet-lag fog, but I plan on getting some good pictures and posting them. Facebookers, I really don't anticipate using my facebook much, not even for pictures, so if you want to keep track of me you have to follow my blog.

Now that I am here, I have more answers to what my life will be like :) At my going away party, everyone had the same basic questions and I the only answer I has was "Well, I guess I'll find out." So, on that note...

There is about 60 students enrolled this year. From my understanding, it changes every year and has been getting smaller and smaller the last few years. I have four roommates, so for you math geniuses like me, that makes five in the room. I was lucky enough to get here in time to get a bottom bunk, which will drastically contribute to happiness. All the bottom-bunkers have hung blankets around our beds to create personal space, and I have to say I feel a little sorry for the lone top-bunker. She is very sweet, but she might have a little resentment towards me, as I am the only first semester student in our room, and by logic should be on the top. However, she is sweet as can be and hasn't said a word about her high dwelling place being uncomfortable. I am the oldest in my room, but was happy to realize that although the average age is 19 or 20, there is a healthy mix of ages. Not that it really matters.

So far I have been able to connect with a few different girls. It's such a cool feeling to just be on the same page with people, even strangers. There is a freedom of expression that is refreshing. We don't have to feel each other out and guess or speculate about beliefs. It makes it very comfortable and easy to get to know people.

Today was the first day we had anything official.  We registered for our classes, filled out applications for residential visas, and had a orientation meeting (which will be continued tomorrow).

Everyone has the same basic classes:
Chapel / Devotions  
Practical Christian Ministry / Serventhood
Evangelism / Descipleship
Lectures in Ministry and Theology
(the regular bible college students also have to listen to Chuck Smith tracks, but the MTP students are excluded from this =)

The MTP students (Missions Training Program) also have:
MTP Missions Class and Language Study
(this is an independent study in the language of our choice. I thought about doing Spanish, but today found out that I can actually get certified online to teach English and that this can count, so I may do that).

So I am still adjusting to the time change, to the constant interaction, and the lack of a real bathroom, but I am very excited for this next semester. I can't wait to actually start, then I won't feel so misplaced.

I promise pictures are coming soon!


Mackenzie said...

AHHH!! I miss you! And yes, I would appreciate a castle. You'll have to send me messages to go along with each photo that dictates your redecoration ideas. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Callie, how I love to hear about this! I am very proud of you and how you continue to satisfy the Lord with your ongoing love for him and for his people. Keep on blogging! And with your pictures that are soon coming, please take a pictute of your lovely face also. Lots of love,and bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about you all day !! Crazy you will probably adjust the quickest as you have shared a room most your life... I on the other hand would be going crazy lol ! What do you mean "Not really a bathroom" What is the shower like ?? I am so excited for you ! When do you start meeting the locals like the people from there ? Who would you be teaching English too ? How cold is it ??? Do you have everything you need ? What about the Boys ? Stuipd question but I want to know lol !!! I MISS YOU !!! I love you ! How exciting Hope you post pictures soon !! xoxxo