Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Start of My blog.

The only diary I have ever successfully and consistently kept has been online when I was in high school. Am now capable of remembering to blog? We shall see. Will anyone even know or care that I now blog? I seriously doubt it, but who really cares. Not me.

Tomorrow I am starting my new life style -- It's called "I am not going to be fat and lazy". Now, it was my plan to start on Monday, unfortunately I started something else on Monday and as a result I lost all motivation. Who wants to make a major lifestyle change while bleeding to death?

This is what my new healthy life will consist of:

Daily Devotions
Exercise (hiking).
Three wholesome meals a day, at correct meal times.

This is what my new life will be void of:

Regularly keeping late nights/sleeping in late.
A messy room (i.e dirty laundry strewn about).
Snacking all day on junk.

While I know I could make more changes than what I listed above, I know not to set to many goals for myself. I just wouldn't follow through. Let's just see how I do with the ones I've set.