Thursday, August 25, 2011

i love mush

My very first email address was
I was very proud of it actually, it was creative, different, and was a reflection of my true and dedicated love for Mush. Now comes the question...the one I didn't count on when I created the address in the first place. "Mush? As in breakfast cereal?"
Seriously. People had to actually ask that question....Can you believe it? How could anyone not know exactly who (not what!) I was referring too. I mean, it's obvious I was making a loyal reference to my favorite movie. Newsies.
Know it? Just in case you don't remember, I will remind you:

Look at that face! How could anyone be confused by the dedicated love that prompted public declarations of my esteem. 

Wait? Still confused? Who is Mush you ask? No, I don't mean Vinnie from Doogie Howser. My love was directed toward the dark strapping young man somewhat in the middle...


Yes, I really did love Mush. and who could really blame me? You know the dance scene to the reprise of "Seize the Day"? This guy had serious talent. He even sang a witty line in the opening song...("met this girl last night!")

I think this is why I am still unmarried. No other man could ever live up to the standard set by Mush. Maybe I should make a new email address.

If you need anything you can reach me at