Friday, December 3, 2010

Denny's: Cocky or Not?

Ask me anything...but be careful. It might be inspiration for a blog post.

Someone once stated "You Denny's are cocky about being Denny's." I have to say "someone" because the the poor sucker who said this didn't have the guts to reveal his identity. I can't imagine why...

Well this forced me to ask myself the question "ARE Denny's cocky about being Denny's?"

Good things about Denny's:
We're funny.
We're Hospitable. 
We (most of us) Love Jesus. 
We're funny. 
There's lots of us. 
We're a pretty good looking bunch. 
We love to eat. 
We love to laugh. 
We're funny. 
We stick together (except when we don't). 
We amazing snugglers. 
We're stylish. 
We're funny. 
We're talented. 
We know how to throw a party. 
and...We're funny. 

Bad things about Denny's:
We have big heads.
We are critical.  
We're crude. 
We're vulgar. 
We like to eat. 
We're funny at the expense of others. 
We have big heads. 
We have bad, and I mean BAD tempers.

Now, if your not a Denny, you look at these lists and think...."Ok, they have good and bad qualities. Like anyone." But, if you are a Denny you look at this list and think "Hey, why are all those great traits listed on the bad list? Those are all good things!" For instance...Big Heads. Our abnormally huge craniums are the inspiration for so many good jokes. Large head jokes never get old.
So funny = good trait.  That pretty much destroys the bad list...
We may be critical, but out criticisms are almost always funny. We're crudely funny, vulgarly funny, hugely funny, even when we make you cry you have to laugh because we are hatefully funny. 

So are we cocky? It's possible. Actually, YES we are cocky. Definitely...but are we cocky ABOUT being Denny's?

I don't think so. At least, I'm not.

As I replied to Mister DennyFamily-Hater, I wouldn't say cocky. I would say proud. We're not a perfect family and there's not one person who would deny that (at least no one would seriously deny it). But we love each other, support each other, and really have fun together. Not many people can say that about their families, let alone their extended families. So yes, I am proud to be a Denny.


Abigail Schultz said...

Loved it! And your family is amazing. I hope to see you all soon!

Jamie Bearden said...
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Jamie Bearden said...

I wonder what about our Giant Headed family made me search out a man with a head that matches in size to my beloved U. poor kids had no chance.