Tuesday, November 23, 2010


1. $200 deposit Check!

2. Plane Ticket $480 Check!
(One way! Scary!!)

God is faithful!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old vs. New (A Little Movie Trivia)

Last night I went to the pre-screening of  How Do You Know with my friend Dianne. I am contractually sworn to confidentiality about the contents of the movie, so don't expect me to tell you about it. To quote the document I signed "serious injury, either physically or fiscally" will occur if I break my contract. So although I cannot reveal the contents of the movie, I believe I can say that it prompted a very serious thought process for the drive home; The evolution of movies over time and my personal reaction.

I grew up watching old movies and I love them...but have they negatively effected my view of the modern world? Is it possible that life was really as pure and musical and magical as the early screen depicted it to be? Of course not! I know that to be true, yet I still find myself longing for the "good old days" of the world that ended long before my existence.

Of course, I have always been a fan of love stories. (Is it just me, or have the heroines in the movies gradually gotten older and older? Not that there isn't a fair share of old movies that have old people falling in love...but really, who wants to watch grey and wrinkled Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey locking lips? Or if we want to get even uglier, Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart falling in love in the middle of a dirty river while covered in leeches? Although, the modern day version is even worse....because it can't get worse than Diane Keaton and Jack Nickelson. Side note, love stories about old people are so gross...not because old people don't deserve love, but because they have such thin lips. Thin lip kisses should never be shown on the big screen...)

Maybe I should get back to my original train of thought so I can get to the point...

I no longer qualify for my love story dream. Why? Because I am too old. If a movie is ever going to be made about my love story it will have to be set in modern times. Sigh. Because back in the day being 22 years old and unmarried automatically give you the title of a spinster. I'm not even sure what the definition of a modern day spinster is...but I would guess you would need to be in your late 60's possibly early 70's to be disgraced with earn that title. Yes, in my movie, I would be cast as the career woman who suddenly found herself rapidly approaching middle age. I would realize that I needed to find love before my child bearing days ended, I would possibly decide to go on a journey to find myself, or maybe in a act of desperation I would put someone in a coma in order to become engaged.

I know that I have blogged a few times about my singleness. Maybe because I've always been single. I told someone at work the other day that I have never had a boyfriend. His response? "Do you like girls?" Ha! I confuse the modern world, which is why I feel that I belong somewhere in the horse-and-buggy, medieval, gothic, old-world, victorian, western realm.

Maybe I need to to buy a Delorean or locate a space/time continuum.

Disclaimer: I love being single. Right now, I wouldn't have it any other way. When I talk blog about my singleness I am not complaining. It's just part of my life, and I think about it. I'm content where God has me and am not looking for encouraging advice.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memory Lane: Pet Peeves.

I felt like blogging but was feeling very uninspired, so I decided to read some things I had written in the past. I found this "note" that I wrote for my Facebook back in September of 2009 and I decided to repost it to my blog! A few of my pet peeves have changed, but I'll leave the post as I wrote it originally. Enjoy!

The last few weeks I have been very irritable.....for some reason everything gets on my nerves. Yesterday when I watched an episode of I Love Lucy that was all about pet peeves, I realized I have been keeping a mental note of my irritations.

1. When Amy takes a shower, she seals the shower curtain shut on the sides using the shampoo and conditioner bottles. When she get's out, she has to open one side, but just leaves the other side how it is. So whenever I take a shower after Amy, all the shampoo bottles (like eight million) all fall into the tub. 

2. My cell phone is crazy. Sometimes the screen is inverted, sometimes it's all white, and sometimes it's split or double. It makes using my phone a process. Drives me nuts. (Thankfully, I now have a new phone.)

'3. Here is another shower one. I used to live down in the other end of the house (in what is now Hunters room). There is one bathroom and four bedrooms down there. When I lived on that side, we all shared the bathroom. Then I moved into very lovely "mother-in-law" quarters. I got my own bathroom, sitting room, and kitchen. After I moved....MY bathroom somehow morphed into the "girls" bathroom. 

4. I love to read. When I am reading a good book, it's hard to focus on anything else. Last week, I lost my book somewhere. I was right in the middle, so I can't stop thinking about it. I hate it! (I found my book month later, and finally finished it. Villette by Charlotte Bronte) 

5. I have three brothers. They like to try to kill each other....it's somehow fun for them to strangle each other. It makes me a nervous wreck. 

6. I love to cook. I enjoy food. I HATE when people are picky eaters. Can't stand it. 

7. I own about ten pairs of old navy flip-flops. I can never find them....or on rare occasions when I can....the colors don't match. 

8. The AC at my work is broken. (We moved :)

9. My family members often feel the need to remind me that I am an old maid. They like to tell me about all the great single men out there. After I am informed, they seem to feel that I should overwhelm them with gratitude, do everything in my power to hunt the poor guy out, snatch him up before he gets a chance to think and marry him. When I don't respond in the said fashion, it causes quite a stir. They all take turns lecturing me. I wish they would just give up on me and move on to the next sister in line. (Still single, still the case, still annoying!)

10. I don't have a closet. Enough said.

11. Every morning, I set my alarm early enough to give myself time to go hiking before work. Someone always turns it off so that it doesn't wake me and resets it.....very sneaky. 

12. Sometimes when I go in my room, I find snoopy all cuddled up on my clean clothes.

13. We have two very large driveways, but our carport is only big enough for three cars. My dad used to park in the round driveway, and everyone was happy. Sadly, his contentment didn't last. Now he has a self-appointed permanent spot on the far left side (my old space). If I try to park in Pop's space when his car is gone, he takes his revenge by parking bumper to bumper with my car so that I can't get out. I finally just let him have it. I would take my mom's space, she always parks in the middle, but I feel too guilty to do that to her. This leaves the far right space. Amy and I have a silent duel for this spot, but it's really just all about luck....and timing. If I'm gone when she get's home, she wins. If she's gone when I get home I win. I hate losing. (Now I don'have a car at all. Oh, how I miss those good old days!) 

14. Wednesday my mom's clients come for appointments. I hate when they block us in the driveway. It's very rude. 

15. Cody is reading over my shoulder right now. I don't like when people read over my shoulder. Go away.

I think a list of 15 complaints is long enough. I know all these "pet peeves" are random, and I hope that someone can laugh about them. Actually....now that I have vented a little, I feel somewhat better. Although I still wish I could find my book. You know, I was thinking...someone always has to start those annoying chains and surveys people fill out. So maybe this can be one. I really am curious about what drives other people crazy.

One reason I love journaling and blogging is so that I can look back and remember the little things. It's funny how time changes everything, yet nothing changes.